Hide & Sheep jpeg

Rural Comforts was originally founded by sisters Mischa & Marsha but after some technical hitches throughout 2014 Marsha has decided to do it alone on a smaller more manageable scale than before. The products mainly consist of sheepskin, cowhides and reindeer rugs. Also sheepskin gloves, mittens, earmuffs and hats. Plus some lovely wooden decorative pieces when available.

Now as we are trying to keep it simple I have also chosen a new name so ‘HIDE AND SHEEP’ seems to me to say we sell cowhides and sheepskin. And to get the reindeer in there was just getting tricky. I hope you like it.

Marsha also owns a dog day care centre in Bath called Doggy Doos so also sells a few Dog related products.

Marsha lives on a livestock farm with partner Matt their two boys-Zephyr & Rupert. And many animals consisting of 8 dogs, 1 cat, 250 breeding ewes, 60 cattle, 50 chickens, 20 ducks, 2 goats and a spotty pony.