Zones: 1=UK, 2=EU, 3=Rest of the World, 4=Local Collection

Local Collection should be selected when entering your details at checkout if you would like to arrange to collect your purchases from us in person. Either before or after making your purchase, please contact Rural Comforts to arrange a time to collect your items. This can be from either Marsha in Nimlet or Mischa in Wick, you can visit us at one of our local shows or we may be able to deliver to the local area.

(Shipping Zones by Country)

Starting weightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
0.00 Kg£3.00£2.93£3.50£0.00
0.10 Kg£3.00£3.00£3.86£0.00
0.20 Kg£3.00£3.16£4.42£0.00
0.25 Kg£3.00£3.39£4.98£0.00
0.30 Kg£3.00£3.62£5.54£0.00
0.40 Kg£3.00£4.22£6.76£0.00
0.50 Kg£3.00£4.82£7.98£0.00
0.60 Kg£3.00£5.42£9.20£0.00
0.70 Kg£5.65£6.02£10.42£0.00
0.75 Kg£5.65£6.02£10.42£0.00
0.80 Kg£5.65£6.62£11.64£0.00
0.90 Kg£5.65£7.22£12.86£0.00
1.00 Kg£6.85£7.82£14.08£0.00
1.10 Kg£6.85£8.42£15.30£0.00
1.20 Kg£6.85£9.02£16.52£0.00
1.25 Kg£6.85£9.02£16.52£0.00
1.30 Kg£6.85£9.62£17.74£0.00
1.40 Kg£8.90£10.22£18.76£0.00
1.50 Kg£8.90£10.82£20.18£0.00
1.60 Kg£8.90£11.42£21.40£0.00
1.70 Kg£8.90£12.02£22.62£0.00
1.75 Kg£8.90£12.02£22.62£0.00
1.80 Kg£8.90£12.62£23.84£0.00
1.90 Kg£8.90£13.22£25.06£0.00
2.00 Kg£15.10£13.82£26.28£0.00
4.00 Kg£15.10£14.82£50.68£0.00
5.00 Kg£15.10£20.82£62.88£0.00
6.00 Kg£15.10£0.00£0.00£0.00
8.00 Kg£16.30£0.00£0.00£0.00
10.00 Kg£18.20£0.00£0.00£0.00